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HCAR's 2019 Legislative Breakfast

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Thank You Video
HCAR President Lisa Wissel (left) and Legislative
Chair Alicyn Del Zoppo thank attendees.

On Thursday, Dec. 12, HCAR hosted its annual Legislative Breakfast at the Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City. Over 60 people attended the event, including several elected officials. The lively breakfast touched upon a broad range of topics the upcoming Legislature will likely address. 

The event gave attendees a preview of REALTOR®-sponsored legislation in the General Assembly, which includes the following:

  1. Reforms to REALTOR® ethics CE to increase industry professionalism;
  2. Making restrictive covenants easier to find in local land records;
  3. Addressing the sale of real estate at auctions by non-licenses, and,
  4. Creating a separate continuing education class on agency for commercial agents.

"This breakfast was critical for our members because it gave them the opportunity to learn more about critical legislation that will have a direct impact on their livelihood," said HCAR CEO Jessica Coates. "It's an exciting and vital means for voices from all sides to be heard."

Other topics of discussion included:

  1. The Kirwan Commision on Education
  2. Real Estate Transaction Taxes
  3. Housing Affordability and Opportunity
  4. Real Estate Advertising

In addition to many HCAR Officers, notable guests included Senator Guy Guzzone, Scott Tiffen (representing Sen. Clarence Lam), Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary, Delegate Eric Ebersole, Delegate Jessica Feldmark, Delegate Terri Hill, Delegate Trent Kittleman, Delegate Warren Miller, Delegate Jen Terrasa, Carl DeLorezno (representing Howard County Executive Chair Calvin Ball), Council Member David Yungmann, Karina Fisher (representing Council Member Liz Walsh), Colette Gelwicks (representing Council Member Christiana Rugby), and Circuit Court Judge John Kuchno.

HCAR would like to thank everyone who worked so diligently to make this year's breakfast such an outstanding success. Here are some photos for your enjoyment!

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